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It rains from my face onto the page where I try to release my sorrow and the ink smears like makeup in the summer. Not every love lasts forever and I forgive myself for trying. Crossing Streets

Hello, I’m stuck on an island and where is HSBC when you need a liferaft?

Wow, it has been a while since I have clicked away on this website. Foolish, because I pay for it. I should be using it, but then there is also this gym membership that I have that I don’t use. How “millennial” or what ever the fuck that is supposed to mean. Is it just […]

Every time you keep your mouth shut, Every time you remain quiet, that is where you will stay I saw a movie the other day that moved me so much that I purchased the book it was based on. How liberating it was to find something so moving, making me feel so free. I often […]