I have nightmares

Spoke too soon. I have had a dream that woke me. RV that is broken. Somewhere in Venice beach. Giant longbow on the beach. His car smashed the RV’s front but when the woman goes running to him, it’s parked and he’s trying to get the boot off.


I watched as the house rebooted itself and the small kitchen began to rearrange. She was trying to take a shower, but there was a malfunction somewhere. She placed her left foot on the sensor and the floor ticked. Out of desperation, she did this again and it worked. Only for a second, long enough to get her body wet. The sensor lit up and displayed the front of the RV. It showed the damage. She ran out, crouching as she saw the impact. A man on his phone in a Hawaiian print button up points at this man running to a car. She ran to him. He’s holding a crowbar, clutching his left arm, trying to get this boot off his car. I’m floating behind her, not real and not actually there. I am just watching. He runs to her. With this giant bow and a single arrow already in place to shoot, but he isn’t holding it that way. She grabs him. The bow falls and they become tangled. “Isn’t that bow huge?” Shes weeping. I’m somewhere behind her right ear, watching this play out. “That was where I lived, and you destroyed it.” She said in this really weak voice. You could hear the sadness. I could feel it. I watched as they danced in this tangled pile of limbs. I could see the art on the wall of this tobacco shop on the corner behind them. As she’s trying to hit him, he’s sliding around her hands, but watching them. I think he was looking for a wedding ring. Out of nowhere, this is what woke me, the same man that pointed to the culprit starts stabbing him in the eyes with the arrow on the ground. “You destroyed her home.” she immediately drops him. I wake up.


I hate dreaming. This all felt so real. I could feel the fear.

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